Professional Profile Photo

A Professional Profile Photo is what others see online. Your business should give the best first impression. Having a current professional headshot for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and your website can really make the difference for a potential client. Because your image matters, show them who you are. Your headshot should have personality. We …

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Onsite Location Headshots

Of Course I can bring the studio to your business location or event site! I have the lighting, backgrounds and expertise to provide headshots, corporations and small businesses.  Contact us about your event, corporate and business headshots and branding needs. http://www.headshotsmn.com/contact

Headshot Styles Twin Cities Minneapolis Business Photography

The most common types of corporate or business photography headshots that I get asked for are traditional and environmental. The traditional headshots uses lighting, an old masters background or simple solid color background and looks more like it was created in studio. I create this both in my studio in the western suburbs of Minneapolis …

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